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Cristian Germán Gort started his studies in composition and musical writing, conducting, history, piano, brass, and percussion, in his home country, Argentina. From the age of 5 he was a member of orchestras, ensembles, choirs and theater groups. In 1994, he obtained a position in the lyric seminar of the renowned San Martin Theater in Córdoba, Argentina, with which he toured all over the country. In 1997, he continued his studies in orchestration and composition at Laval University, where he obtained a master’s degree in composition. He then studied analysis and conducting at the Montreal Conservatory of Music, where he was awarded the orchestral conducting award in 2001.

He is currently the artistic director and conductor of the Orchestre Symphonique de l’Isle and of the Musica Viva vocal ensemble. He has also taught at Université de Montréal’s Atelier de musique contemporaine and at McGill University. His strong interest in 20th and 21st century music has led him to participate in the premieres of many works (symphonic music, operas, chamber and choral music) in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2016, he completed is fifth collaboration with Chants libres productions, taking part in the creation of a new opera, The Trials of Patricia Isasa by Kristin Norderval, which was awarded two Opus Prizes for Concert of the year – Modern music, contemporary, and Concert of the year – Montreal.

He has also collaborated with several other creations, such as Exercises de conversation et de diction française pour étudiants américains by José Evangelista, Prochain depart by Simon Bertrand, Sans électricité les oiseaux disparaissent (Photopera) by Vincent Olivier-Gagnon, Foudroyé by Ben Shemi , Isabelle Panneton’s Arche, Tim Brady’s Three Cities in the Life of Dr. Norman Bethume, and Alban Berg’s Wozzeck produced at the Lille Opera in France. He directed the creation of the musical psychodrama theater La Faim d’Artaud by Analia Llugdar and the opera-performance Perdre Pied by Jimmie Leblanc. Among his other creations, he created John Oliver’s Alternate Visions opera at Usine C in Montreal and Fausto Romitelli’s video-opera An Index of Metal.




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Brigitte Couture – President
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Anne-Isabelle Bourdon – Program and communications
Chantale Turcotte – Internal communications
Micheline Ellyson – Logistics
Catherine Soum – Secretary
Nicolas Jelic – Treasurer

Artistic Committee

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Anne Marie Poirier


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